Smart, Efficient Growth

Brian RIvette Interfacing With MediaMarketing Message

When a business wants to identify the central idea that will guide the company in its growth − and use it to have a lasting marketing impact, they hire Focal Concept.   Based on the answers to a series of key questions, Focal Concept will help create a “messaging table” which allows the organization to rank the key messages they need to deliver to each essential audience, including prospective and current customers.
Focal Concept is particularly adept at creating an action plan and measuring results against agreed upon milestones.

Media Relations

Once you have decided which messages need to be delivered, news coverage is one of the best ways to get the word out. Focal Concept can speak to the media on your behalf.

Presentation Development

Fewer words on the page, more ideas in the presentation.  Focal Concept will help you craft your presentations so that you connect with your target audience members ⋅ drawing them in and involving them in the ideas you want to convey

Project Management

Focal Concept believes in aligning tasks with goals – and then follow-up, follow-up, follow-up. We also believe in creating an action plan and measuring results against agreed-upon milestones. Being willing to focus on details is critical.  When you need someone to watch over the overall project and check to make sure that tasks are being completed correctly and on time, please contact us.

Competitive Assessment

How do your customers see you vs. them?  This should be an ongoing process.  Competitors are changing their messages, strategies and in some cases, business models, every day. How is your company both leading and responding to changing situations in order to get ahead of  industry trends?


It’s better to generate ideas with a trusted adviser. Focal Concept has been honored to become part of numerous senior management teams as both an adviser and a participant in essential strategic and management decisions. Often we participate in weekly or bi-weekly senior management meetings that guide the business.

Proposal/White Paper Editing & Polishing

We all deal with the challenge of document perfecting.  Another set of eyes can really help.

Secure Storage       

Focal Concept now provides select clients secure  storage facilities for personal and commercial property in the Focal Concept offices located on the west side of downtown Salt Lake City.