IP Strategy

Market-Based Strategies to Monetize Intellectual Property

Companies which need to tune up their strategy for monetizing the value of existing patents can use Focal Concept’s consulting services.  These companies find that by examining the market for the products that utilize related IP, which might not immediately seem as if it can be packaged into a valuable bundle, the company can create new products and license or sell them.
Many organizations have not fully considered the benefits which can result from Continuations in Part or Divisionals in mining the value of their existing specifications.  Considering how end users will employ the technology can lead to a better understanding of how additional claims, based on the current specification, can more accurately describe the manner in which the invention is likely to be deployed.
Similarly, companies find that they need to evaluate their existing patent license agreements and develop new licensing programs or modify current programs based on the needs of the licensee or acquirer.  This is another area where Focal Concept can help.
Focal Concept is particularly adept at creating an action plan and measuring results against agreed upon milestones.

Investigation of Infringement Focal Concept Serves As A Buffer

Working with counsel, Focal Concept will seek out evidence of infringement using tools that have been created through over a decade of infringement investigation. Based on the manner in which counsel determines infringement is occurring, clients often find it helpful to have Focal Concept structure and implement new licensing programs that take into consideration licensee’s business conditions.

A Business “Buffer”

Focal Concept can be a client’s business interface with various third parties such as their own counsel, licensees and/or vendors.  Focal Concept will apply business concepts to challenges in licensing agreements, often finding solutions based on the reality of the licensee’s operations that had been ignored.

Contract Development and Negotiation

More affordable than a lawyer, Focal Concept is a client’s partner when dealing with third parties in working out term sheets and contract drafts, significantly speeding the process of legal counsel approval and reducing overall cost to all parties.

Focal Concept reviews existing and proposed contracts with the client’s interests in mind.
We negotiate terms of current or new agreements.