Global Capacity Building

DSC00007_2Cultural Awareness

Businesses, governments, universities and community groups can work together to create newly successful programs, but only if they are structured in a manner that takes into consideration local standards, norms and practices.  Focal Concept believes that a recognition of the manner in which time, commitment and collaboration are perceived locally and internationally is critical when developing new projects in different cultures and we take this into consideration in the work we do around the world.

Primary non-US work to date has been in the UK as well as West and North Africa.

Remote Management

Focal Concept, after a series of trials using various means of communication, has learned that the value of in-person interaction cannot be overstated —but it must be utilized intelligently, with the right amount of preparation and quick follow up.

Experience shows us that, with finesse, projects can be nurtured and advanced via remote management.

Planning and timely follow up can greatly enhance the effectiveness of time spent in country.

Recognition of Interconnectedness

While interdependency of markets and currency are often recognized, we also consider interconnectedness of culture and attitudes to be just as important.

Many projects include involvement of local university, government and businesses to support overall success and success depends on an understanding of how those groups can work together.

Creating Linkages

Focal Concept has developed a set of concepts that extend teaching out of the classroom.  The pedagogy identifies and creates “real-world” experiences for students through partnerships with businesses, government entities and community groups.  The experiences bring to life text-based content and concepts, such as economic empowerment through urban, rural and agricultural development or exploration of the consumer, educator and negotiator experience in order to find ways to improve these experiences.