DSC00184 copy Focal Concept, Inc. is a company that provides advice, counsel and support to businesses and academic organizations.

A “focal concept” is the central concept that allows one to better understand a body of knowledge.

Focal Concept Inc. is for organizations that have patents and want to create a detailed plan that describes how to maximum the value of those patents.

Focal Concept is for the business or university leader who is seeking to improve his or her department through competitive assessment, planning and careful execution of a growth and marketing plan.

Clients come to Focal Concept in order to identify the key messages they need to be sending to potential customers and to develop an action plan that will convert their prospects into high value customers.  The “focal concept” can be applied to any strategic goal and include a tightly “focused” attention to implementation and measuring results.

Focal Concept is also implementing development projects around the world. We are finding ways to “build capacity” in developing and recently developed countries, rather than creating dependencies on foreign aid or expertise.  This is often done through innovation in education and building a model linking universities, communities, business and government.

Focal Concept, Inc. Founder Brian RIvette
Focal Concept’s founder, Brian Rivette, offers extensive management experience including founding and running new ventures as well as managing marketing, sales, media relations, and strategic planning activities. For more information on Brian’s work, visit his LinkedIn page. Brian is also Chair of the Governing Board of Directors for the Salt Lake Film Society (SLFS), which operates the Broadway and Tower theaters in Salt Lake.  These theaters are the home of independent film in Utah, operating 7 screens 365 days a year.

Salt Lake City, Utah

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